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Special Edition Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds in Black/Carbon Metallic

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Seize Serenity: Embrace Focus with Active Noise Cancelling

Get ready to elevate your auditory experience to new heights with the HA-Z330T wireless earbuds. Featuring cutting-edge earpieces engineered for maximum noise reduction, these buds ensure immersive soundscapes free from distractions. Seamlessly switch between single-sided use for effortless calls and volume control on either earpiece, perfect for remote meetings and hands-free conversations. With an impressive 21 hours of total playback time and a quick 10-minute charge offering 1.25 hours of playback, you'll stay connected to your music all day long. Rain or shine, these earbuds are built to last with an IPX4 rating, while the hands-free mic and voice assistant compatibility add an extra layer of convenience to your day. Plus, with low-latency mode, immerse yourself in lag-free gaming and movie marathons like never before.

Don't just listen – escape with the HA-Z330T and block out distractions like a pro!

    Key Features
    • Active Noise Cancelling Technology
    • Independent, Single Side Use (Left/Right) - Qualcomm® - With compatible smartphones, left and right earbuds independently connect. Use either earbud while the other is charging
    • Stable Wireless Connection Bluetooth ver. 5.2, Power Class-1
    • Up to 21 Hours Total Playback Time in Bluetooth Mode
    • Up to 17 Hours Total Playback Time in Noise Cancelling Mode
    • 10 minutes Quick charge for 1.25-hour playback
    • Hands-Free Mic/Voice Assistant Compatible
    • Auto-On/Auto-Connect
    • Mic Muting Function for Calls/Remote Meetings
    • Touch and Talk
    • Easy Operation with Touch Sensor Control
    • Low-Latency Mode for Gaming and Movies
    • IPX4 Rated: Rain/Sweat Proof
    • Bass Boost (ON/OFF)
    • Small Compact, Lightweight Earbuds and Charging Case
    Technical Spec
    • Earbuds Type: Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
    • Direct Transmission: Left and Right
    • Single Ear Use: Yes
    • Touch Control: Yes
    • Touch & Talk: Yes
    • Remote and microphone for smartphones: Yes
    • Control: Microphone mute on each auricle of the earbuds. Listening volume control on the left auricle of the earbuds.
    • Lightweight: Yes
    • Voice assistant compatible: Yes
    • Bass Boost Function: Yes
    • Automatic Power ON / OFF: Yes
    • Ingress Protection Code: IPX4 - Water/Sweat Proof
    • Dynamic Frequency Response Range: 20 - 20000 Hz
    • Driver Size: 6 mm
    • Magnet Type: Neodymium
    • Impedance: 16 Ω
    • Bluetooth® Connection: Version 5
    • Output Power: Class 1
    • Effective Range: 10 Meters
    • Bluetooth® Profiles: A2DP / AVRCP / HFP
    • Supported Audio Formats: SBC
    • Battery Life in Bluetooth Mode: Maximum 9 Hours
    • Battery Life in Noise Canceling Mode: Maximum 7.5 Hours
    • Extra Power Charging Case: Extra 12 hours of Power
    • Maximum Battery Life: 21 Hours
    • Charging Time Earbuds: 2 Hours
    • Charging Time Charging Case: 2.5 Hours
    • 10-Minutes Quick Charge: 1.25 Hours Playtime
    • Headphone Dimension: 1.66 (H) x 1.76 (W) x 1.56 (D) mm
    • Headphone weight: Approx. 4.2g
    • Charging Case Dimension: 3.4 (H) x 5.4 (W) x 3.8 (D) mm
    • Charging Case Weight: Approximately 28 g
    Whats in the Box
    • HA-Z330T-B Earbuds in Black / Carbon Metallic
    • Charging case
    • USB Charging lead
    • 3 Sets of silicone earpieces (Sizes: Small | Medium | Large)
    • Instruction manual
    Warranty & Usage

    Our products come with a manufacturer's 1-year warranty from the date of supply. We recommend contacting our Technical/Customer Relations Team for assistance if you encounter any issues during this period. You can contact them via our Support Portal, which can be accessed here:

    Our dedicated team is available from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. They strive to respond to inquiries within 24 hours or sooner. We kindly ask that you check your junk/spam folder as their replies may occasionally end there.

    Not suitable for children under the age of 10 years due to small parts.

    Thank you for choosing our products, and we're committed to providing excellent support for any concerns you may have.

    How to Guides

    > Online Step by Step Guides

    • Charging the charging case
    • Charging the earphones
    • Maintaining the charging terminals
    • Pairing for the first time - pairing with the earphones taken out from the charging case
    • Pairing for the first time - pairing earphones when they are not inside the charging case
    • Pairing the second and subsequent devices
    • Reconnect - Connecting to a device with the earphones taken out from the charging case
    • Reconnect - Connecting to a device when the earphones are not inside the charging case
    • Using only left side of the earphones
    • Audio operation
    • Power off by placing earphones in the charging case
    • Power off using the earphones
    • Troubleshooting and restoring to factory settings
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    HA-Z330T-B ANC wireless earbuds by JVC
    HA-Z330T-B ANC earbuds in black
    HA-Z330T-B Special Edition Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds in Black/Carbon Metallic
    HA-Z330T-B accessories

    Where distraction fades, and excitement thrives!

    Dive into a world of undisturbed bliss with the HA-Z330T wireless earbuds from JVC! Crafted with precision, these earbuds feature JVC's revolutionary earpieces, ensuring unrivaled noise cancellation for a truly immersive listening experience. Whether it's a bustling commute or a noisy office, block out distractions effortlessly.

    Stay connected and in control with the convenience of single-sided use – perfect for seamless remote meetings and hands-free calls. With up to 21 hours of total playback time and a lightning-fast 10-minute quick charge, your music journey never hits pause. Rain or shine, these earbuds are your reliable companion with their rainproof IPX4 rating.

    But that's not all – enjoy the added perks of a hands-free mic, voice assistant compatibility, and low-latency mode for gaming and movie marathons. Elevate your auditory adventures with the HA-Z330T earbuds – where distraction fades, and excitement thrives!



    Say hello to active noise-cancelling earbuds – your ticket to a sanctuary of sound! Block out distractions, immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio, and reclaim your listening experience like never before. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply unwinding, these earbuds are your secret weapon for uninterrupted bliss. Say goodbye to noise, and hello to a whole new world of immersive sound!



    With lightning-fast quick charge technology, just a 10-minute zap and you're back in the musical zone, ready to rock for another 1.25 hours! Wave goodbye to tedious waiting and embrace seamless, uninterrupted beats wherever life takes you. Don't miss a single moment – keep the music flowing with our quick charge feature, perfectly tailored to your fast-paced lifestyle.



    Experience the epitome of flexibility with our cutting-edge technology! With our HA-Z330T earbuds, you call the shots – literally. Whether it's the left or right earpiece, take your pick and dive into crystal-clear conversations or immerse yourself in captivating audio, all with unrivalled ease.

    But wait, there's more! Take control like never before with our innovative earpiece design. With full volume control at your fingertips, tailor the sound to your exact preferences, guaranteeing a personalised and utterly comfortable listening experience every single time. Say hello to ultimate freedom and farewell to compromise – it's time to embrace the future of audio versatility!

    JVC HA-Z330T-B ANC Active Noise Cancelling earbuds IPX4 rating


    Unleash your inner adventurer without a second thought with our IPX-rated earbuds by your side!

    Crafted to conquer the elements, our earbuds flaunt an impressive IPX4 rating, rendering them impervious to rain and sweat. Embrace the spontaneity of life, whether you're caught in a sudden downpour or pushing the limits during an intense gym session – our earbuds are your steadfast companions, ready to weather any storm. Don't let a little rain or sweat dampen your spirits – keep the beats pumping and the adventures rolling with our rugged and reliable earbuds!